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Sen. Andrew Jones (R-AL 10th District)

1st term Republican from Alabama 10th District.


Residence: Montgomery

Prev. Occupation: Farmer, Coffee Roaster

Education: BA Berea Col.

Religion: Baptist


Current Elected Office Contact Information

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Website: www.legislature.state.al.us/aliswww/ISD/ALSenator.aspx?NAME=Jones&OID_SPONSOR=100453&OID_PERSON=8483&SESSNAME=Regular%20Session%202019

Montgomery Office:

737 ALSC,
Alabama 36130
Phone: (334) 261-0857

Office: (more district offices)

, Alabama



Current Elected Office Bills:

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SB71 - Accountability Act of 2013, revised to clarify intent of educational choice, define academic year... Send Message to Sen. Andrew Jones